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Polygon Warrior are the first BitKeep NFTs, and the first NFTs that can be reversed.
A Polygon Warrior NFT costs 100 Matic to mint, with the possibility to reverse after 60
days of minting and get all costs refunded.
BitKeep will draw 100 holders of Polygon Warrior NFTs each day to reward them each 100BKB.
Polygon Warrior is the first demonstrative PFP NFT on Polygon that integrates Social-Fi
Contract address:0xDE2A32e5363d01a89e3624442F8f5c43F38fc53a COPY
NFTs can be reversed on the official website and get 100 MATIC back after July 17


Invite friends to get rewards

1. After Mint is opened, the airdrop deadline is May 31. 100 holders will be randomly selected every day, and each holder will airdrop 100 BKB to the cloud wallet (repeatable)

2. You must create a Cloud Wallet to receive the rewards;

3. The more people you invite, the higher the probability of receiving rewards;

Number of invitees: 0 - 0% more lucky
Number of invitees: 1 - 20% more lucky
Number of invitees: 2 - 50% more lucky
3 or more invites - 100% more lucky
The more luck points you get, the better chance of getting BKB rewards.

Number of successful invitations


An invitation is deemed successful after your invitee enters your invitation code and mints an NFT/NFTs


Whitelist Privileges

1. Whitelisted users can start to mint on May 17 2. Non-whitelisted users can start to mint on May 18 3. Each whitelisted user can mint up to 10 NFTs 3. Each non-whitelisted user can mint up to 5 NFTs

How to become a whitelisted user

1. Users who have traded using Swap 2. Users who have traded on NFT Market 3. Get things done via Twitter
You are not whitelisted

Road Map



1. Sign up for BitKeep and choose to Connect Wallet on this website.

2. Make sure you have enough MATIC in your BitKeep wallet to cover the total cost including gas fee.

3. Tap the Mint button and you will be prompted to sign off the transaction and pay the gas fee.

4. After minting, your NFT will appear in your BitKeep wallet and can be traded through BitKeep NFT Market and Opensea!